Alexandra and Sonia were busy in a previous life dreaming up multisensory spaces.

vilaines filles mauvais garçons© was born out of their draw for people’s lives, value for good work and interest in meaningful projects.

They pay tribute to startling faces and destinies- some well-known, others less- by resting their sculpted profilles on materials that enliven our senses daily.

Alexandra and Sonia reveal remarkable, but also controversial, personalities that have rattled conventions. Each piece comes with a story unwrapping what these “naughty girls” and “bad boys” stood for, some of their opacities and their feats.

Each profile was carefully designed like a cameo to make it both sensuous and exceptional.

At vilaines filles mauvais garçons©, what you get is as beautiful as what you see: by partnering with genuine craftsmen, the brand commits to offering products that are as equally nourishing as they are ne, with handpicked raw materials and undisputable production techniques.

Fashioned with such care, vilaines filles mauvais garçons© products seamlessly bring together mind and senses.


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